WATER-BORNE EPOXY RESIN for Demanding Concrete, Cement & Other Installations


The XG system is based on advanced chemical compositions to achieve exceptional interfacial adhesion on gypsum containing substrates. This product is available with or without dyes. The XG system has been developed for concrete, engineered cement and gypsum-based installations where moisture, high wear patterns and/or chemical exposure are present.

Inherent epoxy problems of progressive interfacial adhesion on recently installed and/or damp substrates are eliminated and the XG system is unique in its price class in achieving simultaneous hardness, tensile strength and chemical resistance. Tile and carpet adhesives bind exceedingly well to XG. Available in GLOSS and LOW GLOSS.

Application / Instructions

Exceptional Moisture Protection

SyntheticXG is a two-component waterborne system designed to penetrate concrete and gypsum slabs (including portland based terrazzo) to reduce concrete floor dampness. The special resins allow excellent penetration into freshly poured and aged concrete/gypsum substrates with excessive water vapor emission, alkalinity migration and 100% relative humidity transfer which fail to meet flooring manufactures moisture tolerances. The product may also be used as a moisture tolerant clear floor finish on substrate where traditional coating system may be damaged by long term moisture exposure.

Exceptional Interfacial Adhesion

Traditional direct-epoxy systems are susceptible to adhesion problems on concrete because of water-mediated alkali at the interfacial layer. The XG system uses its exceptional bonding and water-resistant properties to provide outstanding cement adhesion of the epoxy interface. The result is interfacial flexibility and improved long-term stability of an extremely resistant epoxy coating at affordable cost and ease of application.


Tensile Strength6,500 psi
Elongationtypically 10% at cure
Tabor Abrader1000 g, CS17, 1000 cycles typically 38 mg loss
Solids Content35%
V.O.C. Content247 g/l catalyzed
Dry Ratewalkable: 8 hrs
light service:12-24 hrs
standard service:48 hr min
full cure & protection:3-4 days
Coverage~350 sq.ft./gallon recommended
DFT~1.8 mil (3.2 mil if 2 coats)

Sealing GypCrete and Gypsum Containing Substrates

Gypsum containing substrates are unique surfaces when sealing and moisture vapor emission are objectives.

Gypsum is calcium sulfate and as such has a strong tendency to hydrolyze [break down] with water into calcium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. This process can continue and amplify and physically swell from the original setting; and acrylic sealers can progressively delaminate over time since many are acid vulnerable.

Thus outdoor exposure and waterborne sealers have been problematical with gypsum. Solvent sealers are VOC-problematical in todays regulated scenario and 100% epoxies do not always bind well enough for long-term efficacy. We have seen many failures.

We have developed a waterborne epoxy sealer called X-G for gypsum. It has the following characteristics:

1. High penetration and bond to gypsum; and
2. A specific surfactant blend to prevent hydrolysis of gypsum; and
3. Excellent protection of gypsum from water and vapor emission; and
4. Excellent interface / bond to topical adhesives.

The only caution with X-G [a clear coat] is that its penetration/absorption is so great that it darkens or color-intensifies the substrate. If a color is required for cosmetic reasons, we can add any shade.