Synthetic10-TR is a two-component vapor control additive for newly poured
  • No concrete preparation required
  • Cost effective vapor control method
  • Compatible with flooring adhesives
  • Only known trowel applied additive
  • Available 15 year warranty


A Synthetics EXCLUSIVE

Synthetic10-TR is a revolutionary two-component water based technology designed to mitigate vapor emission levels in freshly poured concrete floors. The special chemical components mix easily with fresh concrete paste and is mechanically troweled into the concrete surface as a curing replacement. Each application improves the products penetration and surface density. Application replaces traditional curing, sealing and water curing methods.

Synthetic10-TR will maintain the concretes natural appearance and may be sealed, coated and covered with a wide range of floor primers, coatings and overlays.

green product

  • Zero Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s)
  • EPA Method 24 VOC Content of less than 50 g/liter
  • Reduces Indoor Air Pollution, contains no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Precursors and/or Carcinogens


Synthetic10-TR is an ultra low-cost technology designed to reduce water vapor emission and prepare the floor surface for flooring products, primers, coating and underlayements.  10-TR is compatible with virtually every flooring adhesive and material on the market.

  • The lowest cost for epoxy material
  • No surface preparation cost or time loss
  • DIV03 application
  • Ultra low labor cost
  • Compatible with all flooring products
  • Permanent – can be resurfaced/covered multiple times



Synthetic10-TR is directly applied to freshly poured concrete at the finishing stage and requires no preparation methods. Consult Synthetics International’s technical department for all recommendations.


Read all mixing, safety and technical data prior to use.  Product is mixed 1A:1B and has a 2 hour pot life.  Mix product must be applied to concrete within 60 minutes.


  • One (1) clean mixing paddle and one (1) low speed mixing drill
  • One high quality commercial sprayer, airless or hand held
  • Five (5) gallons of water for cleaning equipment
  • Walk behind power trowel. Call to discuss ride machines.


  • Pour and place concrete
  • Remove all concrete bleed water
  • When the 2nd mechanical trowel process starts, apply 1 coat at 350 to 450 square feet per gallon
  • Proper application will result in a solid WHITE coating that mixes into a cement like paste
  • Do not apply during dewpoint, rain and temperatures falling below 35 degrees F
  • Do not apply any type of curing and sealing products after the application of Synthetic10-TR


No testing is needed. ASTM F1869 precludes testing on mitigated surfaces.