SyntheticX4 GOLD is a unique blend of epoxy resins and curing agents for the treatment of dry and damp concrete for slabs with high levels of vapor, alkali and relative humidity. Product may be applied to freshly poured concrete for mitigating moisture levels, as a stand alone moisture resistant floor coating or to reduce high moisture levels prior to installing moisture sensitive floor coverings, coating and underlayment products.X4 GOLD exceeds all requirements for ASTM F3010.

SyntheticX4 GOLD 100% solids content is capable of exceeding ASTM E96 vapor permeance standards, resists up to 14-pH exposure and tolerate relative humidity rates up to 100% (ASTM F2170) on properly prepared standard concrete, lightweight concrete and portland based terrazzo floors.

SyntheticX4 GOLD is easy to mix, requires no additional additives and may be spread over surfaces using a notched squeegee are various thicknesses for up to 30 minutes. The product is self-leveling and may be applied to surfaces in a single coat application and has virtually no odor.


  • Minimal downtime – cures in 6 hours
  • Apply to freshly poured concrete after 5 days of cure or floors of any age
  • One-coat application process for all floor slabs, grade levels and concrete mixes
  • One product for the treatment of moisture vapor, alkalinity and relative humidity
  • Tolerant to concrete 14pH exposure and maintains adhesion to damp substrates
  • Capable of water vapor permeance exceeding ASTM E96
  • Excellent chemical resistance and primer for epoxy coating systems
  • Will not support microbial growth
  • Fully compatible with other epoxy, urethane coatings and adhesives
  • Self-leveling for smooth floor transitions, and seals cracks and joints


SyntheticX4 is suitable and approved for use under resilient, carpet, rubber, wood, ceramic tile, carpet tile, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composite tile, epoxy coatings, urethane coatings, non-porous primers, floor patching and leveling products, decorative overlays and virtually all other moisture sensitive flooring products.

Newly poured concrete must cure for 5 days and be structurally sound, clean, free of dust, grease, oil, existing coatings, paint, carbonated layers and other potential contaminants. The concrete surface must be shot blasted to a CSP#3 profile. Profile or grind concrete near wall base, edges and around columns to open surface for adhesion. Clean joints and cracks using a chasing blade to remove any debris or previous filler products. Acid etching, sanding disks or grinding surfaces are not acceptable preparation.Vacuum the entire surface with an industrial (0.30 micron) unit to remove all surface debris. Do not use clean sweep agents. Floor blowers are not recommended due to the possible contamination that falls during the drying process. High volume floor fans, air movers and ventilation is recommended prior to, during and after application.

Read all mixing data prior to use. Do not mix partial units. Pre-mix Part A component until a homogeneous mixture (1 minute) using a speed drill and jiffy style mixing paddle.

While mixing Part A, slowly pour the entire contents of Part B unit into the center of the Part A unit. Continue mixing batch for at least 3 minutes, scraping sides and bottom of the unit during mixing. Product is now ready to use.

Optimal application range is 45-95 degrees, and 5 degrees above dew point.

  • Apply product in accordance with moisture test results and site conditions
  • Verify floor surfaces are clean and vacuumed
  • Pour product directly on concrete and drag using proper notched squeegee
  • Spread evenly over the entire surface following specified spread rates
  • Use fans to increase air movement after the application. Do not disturb product surface that is soft to the touch or damp to the touch. Allow product to harden prior to converting. Typical cure time at 75 degrees and 50% humidity is approximately 5-6 hours
Always apply patching products over SyntheticX4 GOLD product.

Allow SyntheticX4 GOLD to cure for a minimum fo 6 hours (75 degrees) or until no soft spots are detected. Immediately apply products to the SyntheticX4 GOLD surface that are designed to adhere to non-porous surfaces.

The SyntheticX4 GOLD surface is considered non-porous and waterproof. Floor products which require an absorbent substrate, may be coated with an approved non-porous primer and covered with an approved calcium aluminate or portland based cement patching or underlayment compound. Gypsum based products are not recommended by flooring manufacturers. A non-porous primer must be used to secure patching and underlayment products. Follow flooring manufacturers recommendations for products thickness. Always allow products to properly cure prior to applying flooring adhesives or products.