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Floor Moisture Research,
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Treatment Technology Production

About Company

Synthetics International is a Nevada based specialist in the field of concrete moisture vapor control research, product development, and treatment technology production. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. Our sole focus is to design and manufacture the most advanced technologies of concrete moisture treatments. We draw ingredients from all over the world and only use the highest quality epoxies, not silicates

Synthetics International has developed a unique water-based chemical technology using a proprietary silane additive, which absorbs into damp concrete to restrict the movement of moisture from reaching the concrete surface. The unique silane additive chemically anchors the product to damp concrete, resulting in a maintained moisture level for any type of flooring product. One application for every type of floor! Additionally, this is done when the concrete is first poured, thus saving several dollars per foot and weeks of time.

Another major advantage of Synthetics International is our specifications department. We can assist in writing office masters, create custom specs and provide more technical wisdom on floor moisture than any other competing company.


Our Products

Using the latest in product research and advanced formulations our chemists have produced some of the finest concrete moisture treatments available.


Super fast projects demand a fast curing product! Need a floor sealed in less than 4 hours that you can walk on?


Improve the performance of virtually all interior and exterior concrete with this unique two-component high performance treatment technology.


Reseach and develoment offers many advancements. Using the latest in two-componet water-based technology we have designed the industry’s only trowel in concrete moisture treatment for new concrete.