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New Construction

• Unique moisture reducing system
• Trowel applied during concrete finishing


• Restricts 30 lbs. of vapor - ASTM F1869
• Controls 14pH alkalinity - ASTM F710 
• Tolerant to 100%RH - ASTM F2170 
• LEED 4.2 Compliant - low VOC          Manufactured in California


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When it comes to suppressing concrete moisture, Synthetics International is trusted by some of the largest companies across the United States.

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Solutions for Concrete Moisture Issues

Concrete moisture is one of the most overlooked issues in the construction industry. Often disregarded, the results of moisture and concrete related elements are seen years after a project is complete. Your next encounter may be seen in the form of bubbles, oozing of adhesives or flooring that curls.

To avoid the added expense of replacing the floor, time out of your schedule and business disruption by simply using a moisture treatment before installing the original floor.

Synthetics Internationals preventative technologies extend long term flooring performance by eliminating concrete elements which cause flooring failures.

Concrete Moisture Testing

To determine your concrete's moisture vapor emission rate, alkalinity and relative humidity levels, please visit  

Recommended Concrete Testing:

• Water vapor emission escaping from the concrete surface - ASTM F1869
• In-concrete relative humidity to determine substrate dryness - ASTM F710 
• Concrete alkalinity surface testing by digital meter system - ASTM F710