Advanced Technologies

Using the latest in product research and advanced formulations our chemists have produced some of the finest concrete moisture treatments available.

Our Products


SyntheticX4 GOLD is a unique blend of epoxy resins and curing agents for the treatment of dry and damp concrete for slabs with high levels of vapor, alkali and relative humidity. Product may be applied to freshly poured concrete for mitigating moisture levels, as a stand alone moisture resistant floor coating or to reduce high moisture levels prior to installing moisture sensitive floor coverings, coating and underlayment products.

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The XG system is based on advanced chemical compositions to achieve exceptional interfacial adhesion on gypsum containing substrates. This product is available with or without dyes. The XG system has been developed for concrete, engineered cement and gypsum-based installations where moisture, high wear patterns and/or chemical exposure are present.

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Synthetics 10-S is a single-component bi-polymer blend that is specifically designed to penetrate damp or dry surfaces and setup quickly. The 10-S is an environmentally friendly, low cost and easily applied waterborne system that provides an exceptional vapor barrier or makes an excellent finish surface.

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Synthetic10-TR is a revolutionary two-component water based technology designed to mitigate vapor emission levels in freshly poured concrete floors. The special chemical components mix easily with fresh concrete paste and is mechanically troweled into the concrete surface as a curing replacement. Each application improves the products penetration and surface density. Application replaces traditional curing, sealing and water curing methods.

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Our S-30 is an established industry standard. One of the finest waterborne polymer based treatment systems available. The special resins allow the polymers to saturate concrete and embed a dense, high compressive membrane. One of the longest pit-lives available, with easy workability and with excellent compatibility with cement primers, adhesives and flooring products.

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Synthetics 30-FS is a two-component high performance bi-resinous polymer designed to penetrate concrete slabs (including Portland based terrazzo) for the treatment of concrete moisture. This technology of high ionic resins and chemical components produce a mixture that imparts a high fluro surfactant, to embed a dense, high compressive strength membrane to restrict water vapor emission, alkalinity migration and 100% relative humidity transfer. The product is an outstanding concrete primer for epoxy, resilient, carpet and wood flooring systems and is durable enough to be used as a standalone floor coating.

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